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♪ legislatures across the country are wrapping up lame duck sessions. in illinois their session is winding down. but today democrats sent a bill to the floor that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive driver's licenses. and over the weekend in illinois a last-pitch effort to legal
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size same-sex marriage lost steam and will be taken up on wednesday. president obama won virginia by 150,000 votes, so naturally republican delegate, mark cole is pushing a tough voter id law that would out law bank statements paychecks and even utility bills if people used them as indication. in california for the first time in 130 years democrats actually have a two-thirds super majority in both chambers to go along with the governor lawmakers have lard introduced more than 100 bills in california including
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one to strictly regulate ammunition purchases. here to discuss that is "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli. let's talk about california for a second. because all i can tell you, as a former governor two-third's majority in each house. oh, my god. >> it's very tempting to ram through everything you have ever wanted to do. but jerry brown, remember this is his third term. 74 years old. he is a smarter wiser guy. look for the legislature to follow his lead. >> jennifer: it will have to go on the ballot if they are going to raise taxes. >> right. >> jennifer: even though that was the big drawback of prop 13. >> prop 13 caps property taxes,
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but they are going to nibble at it. is sort of a loophole that says if you are a commercial property owner, you won't get reassessed and they are going to go after that. and jerry brown has laid very quite. he is going to say let that come from the grass roots. >> jennifer: so how many of the increases are tax bills? >> there are some in there. >> jennifer: you cover san francisco and one of the issues that is really important in this community is lbgt rights. >> yes. >> jennifer: the log cabin republicans put out a statement
3:29 pm
opposing chuck hagel. >> they are opposing him. and barbara boxer is even like i'm going to take a wait and see attitude. and it goes back to a comment that bill clinton made. hagel said this he said they are representing america, our lifestyles and values, and i think chuck hagel is aggressively gay. >> jennifer: right. but he has apologized. >> yes 14, 15 years later when he is being nominated as secretary of defense. so he'll come home but there
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will be public gravelling. >> jennifer: and you have same-sex marriage efforts across the country. you have don't ask don't tell off the books. is sexual orientation going to an issue that really rallies the gay community? >> the log cabin republicans are wants to get their name off there a little bit. but hagel did oppose gays in the military, saying the u.s. armed forces are not some sort of social experiment. so he will also get nailed on that. he will spend a good portion of his hearing apologizing for things he did in the past. >> jennifer: but jerry brown do you think he will run for a second term? >> i think so. he is right now being treated
3:31 pm
for prostate cancer. >> jennifer: right. and everybody is saying he's going to be fine on that. >> the man has tremendous energy. i talked to some california labor leaders who are very tight with the governor, and they said, absolutely. >> jennifer: and on the republican side? >> hello, anybody out there? >> jennifer: crickets. >> [ cricket sound effect ] >> jennifer: all right. "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli, appreciate it. up next, a virginia legislator is putting forward a bill that would require at least one person in every school to have to carry a gun. we'll talk about that right here
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♪ >> jennifer: back inside "the war room," i'm jennifer granholm. in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shootings, you recall the nra suggested all schools install armed guards to prevent a similar tragedy. >> the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> jennifer: of course wayne lapierre went on to suggest that there should be armed personnel inside our schools, and our next guest thinks that's a good idea.
3:36 pm
bob marshall has drafted legislation that at least one person be armed inside of our schools in virginia. welcome inside "the war room." >> it could also be a good lady with a gun as an off-duty deputy sheriff proved last week when someone entered a theater with a gun. >> jennifer: which is better from your perspective? should be it an armed teacher? an armed guard with a gun? would the armed person have prevented the sandy hook tragedy in your mind? >> let me give you the background? virginia there are 1980 public schools. we have 552 armed police guns
3:37 pm
there are about 860 security personnel who are from private agencies. they do not have guns. the purpose is if there is god forbid a situation like there was in connecticut, none of us can imagine what those families are going through, but i want to do something to help prevent the sorrow from spreading. if a person is trained to respond, it would cut these things short, and reduce the amount of killing. the one characteristic is that most of them if not all of them are so-called gun-free zones. the guy in aurora colorado there were seven theaters that were playing batman and he went
3:38 pm
to the only theater with signed posted no gun zone. we have those in all of our schools. israelis have done this in their states. utah has had armed teachers for 12 years and there have been no incidents at all. >> jennifer: i mean i -- i appreciate trying to figure out a solution to this very very difficult problem, but i find it hard to believe that people who would go off and kill scores of people are as rational as that a sign would deter them. i'm not sure they are thinking about the national gun free schools law. but 1980 k through 12 schools in
3:39 pm
virginia? >> almost 2000. >> jennifer: all right. so the idea would be there are armed personnel in those schools, and if there are armed guards, who pace for that. >> that's why i didn't necessarily want to go with the payment. if we have to hire 1800 please that's $120 million. that's a big hole in the budget. i have emails from teachers principals, vice principals other personnel at schools who said please authorize this training i will take it. so these people are already working on the payroll, and you have to be a teacher or principal for three years at the school, volunteer at the school or retired policeman in the
3:40 pm
district for three years. why three years? it's a proxy for trust in this person. but again, the school board can say, john jones you volunteer, but we're not going to take you, but we'll take salary smith. >> jennifer: what if a school doesn't have volunteers? are you requiring it? or allowing it. >> i'm requiring that they -- look there are 311,000 virginians who have concealed carry permits right now. like i said i have been approached -- >> jennifer: right. but if nobody is volunteering then they have to hire somebody? >> they can hire people right now. they can't hire a private armed guard. they are hire a security person. and you know the legislative process. if you can't find somebody you may have to hire somebody to do it. >> jennifer: we're a little bit out of time, but i'm so
3:41 pm
fascinated by this. there are a number of other measures that people are suggesting, but one of the things that people have suggested is that criminal background and mental health background checks for everybody who purchases a gun should be required. do you agree with that? >> we changed some of the statutes in virginia because when that chow situation happened, we changed the law after that. now some of the federal privacy laws? one sense they are snooping too much, but in the other sense they are not disclosing to family members -- >> jennifer: so should there be a registry? and should private sales be required to have a background check. >> i don't know about private
3:42 pm
sales, but >> jennifer: 40% of sales are through private sales how do you fix that? >> not at our virginia shows. we have a state police at all of our gun shows. >> jennifer: all right. i appreciate you coming on to give us the perspective from the other side. and up next we know we still want the american dream, and we have pulitizer prize winner hedrick smith, and he is going to look for the american dream in his new book and we'll tell you what he found right after the break.
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♪ >> jennifer: well as long as politicians come up with dumb ideas, and i'm a politician, so i know that happens, cenk uygur is going to be around to smack them around for it and that's why we love the host of "the young turks" who is joining us
3:46 pm
right now from los angeles. cenk what have you got tonight? >> tonight we'll talk about think hagel and brenner dominations, of course. there is something really interesting about gay republicans being against hagel. it turns out where they got their money might be the answer. and we'll bring on jimmy carter's former national security advisor to talk about makel and where he stands. i think that's a fascinating conversation. >> jennifer: it is a fascinating conversation, i be will tuning in. thanks cenk. >> thank you. >> jennifer: the fiscal cliff debate is behind us thankfully and you would have thought the republicans would have learned their lesson but today, mitch mcconnell threat inned to again
3:47 pm
shut that whole government thing down. >> none of us like using these situations like the sequester or the debt ceiling or the depreciation of government to try to engage the president to deal with this. it's a shame we have to use whatever leverage have in congress to get the president to deal with our future with excessive spending. >> jennifer: it was yesterday he said that, but i'm sure he still believes it today. everybody agrees we have to cut spending for long-term purposes. the disagreement is over the length of time. joining me now is pulitizer prize winner hedrick smith, he is the author of the new book "who stole the american dream?" so glad to well you inside "the war room."
3:48 pm
>> so good to be with you. >> jennifer: do you think the middle class is a casualty of this kind of political wrangling in washington. >> i think it goes further back than that. it starts with a huge power shift that took place in washington back in the 1970s. we think of middle class prosperity as a time when the economy worked much better but the politics worked much better as well. we had women's movement, strong labor movement, all of those things helped buttress the power of the middle class and middle class prosperity. there was a shift. there was a revolt of the bosses touched off by none other than lewis powell, and he said to business, you are getting taken to the cleaners get organized.
3:49 pm
hire lobbyists. set up your superfunds, the finds of things that have happened today began back in the 1970s. it was a deliberate power grab. >> jennifer: so you describe this as all stemming from then lawyer lewis powell who ultimately got appointed to the supreme court, extorting businesses. so are you suggesting that businesses stole the american dream? >> businesses are part of it absolutely. if you go back to your own state of michigan. go to charlie wilson who was head of general motors out there. he believed the job of the ceo was to support the interest of the stakeholders, not the shareholders. it includes the bankers, the customers, the flint michigan,
3:50 pm
if you will of the world, and they tried to spread the wealth. share the wealth. the new bully of business is what i call wedge economics. you take care of the people at the top, the ceo, the top executives, the investors, and the people in the middle get stuck. if you look at the pay of the average male american work it is exactly as it was in 1978. that's three decades of the middle class going nowhere, while the ceos are making 300, 400% more, so it happened in the economy and in politics and policy. >> jennifer: and we talk about that growing inequality here a lot, and the question is what do you do about it? you describe an era where there
3:51 pm
was something called a vertous circle. you paid your people enough to buy your products and felt connected to the community. how do you get back to that in this global economic? >> isn't that a wild idea? if you pay your people well everybody benefits. we have a slow economy. because we have slow consumer demand, why? because the people at the top took all of the money. the answer is yes we can do that in the world today. look at germany. germany has faced the same problems we faced. they face india, china, and they have a trade surplus and -- >> jennifer: well what is it that germany is doing that we're
3:52 pm
not doing? what can we follow? >> they are paying their middle class workers five times faster growth in their pay in the last 25 years than we paid. the management and labor are getting together to try to hold good high-tech jobs in germany. 21% of their work force is in manufacturing, only 9% of ours. they are working together to promote trade. the government sets up trade fairs, so middle sized german companies can trade in china and india and korea and taiwan. they work together instead of against each other. we have forgotten how to do that. >> jennifer: we have. we have. there is management and labor working together. i 100% agree with you, and i'm so glad that you wrote about it. that's hedrick smith. thank you so much for coming into "the war room."
3:53 pm
he is author of "who stole the american dream?." and hopefully you can read it and find some solutions. up next, so we flew brett ehrlich up to san francisco tonight on the condition that he make you laugh either that or a long bus ride back to l.a. he is next. um, hello. these ugly stains are ruining my good looks and style. and good luck using that cleaner. excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it.
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. ♪ >> jennifer: almost everything in washington, d.c. is a sales job, so the president has had to sell chuck hagel to congress and obamacare to the american people. he has had to sell a debate on his anniversary night to michelle. but the president's image, his face, he has been selling a lot of less significant things around the globe for some time. and here to discuss that is our very own brett ehrlich.
3:56 pm
>> the president has been in a hot of advertisements. the first was from this week in israel has started running this ad of the president to get you to tune into their -- their coverage of the election, and i'm tuning into someone to keep me up to date, it is not someone who is thinking that people in america are still listening to boom boxes on their shoulder. >> jennifer: exactly. but he is also selling things like fast-food. >> yes, honk congress kfc had run thissed a for the president, and it involved a look-alike of the president.
3:57 pm
and a rogue fast food entree >> jennifer: you got it. [ cheers ] >> change not only for america, but the whole world, not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for better taste. [ speaking foreign ] >> change is good. [ cheers ] >> jennifer: that is insane. that is totally insane. >> the president of the united states was just crushed by a fish sandwich. it should be noted that kfc released a statement this was men as a spoof and clearly the president made it out okay to enjoy the fish sandwich. now benton is an italian clothing line. an
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